Hip Hop Artist & Producer

Salt Lake City, Utah

A-Rodge is a musical artist with a wide range of styles. His passion for music began when he was 13, studying musical composition at school. He began playing the drums at the age of 16 and became passionate for rhythm and the process of creating something to call his own.

While attending the University of Utah, hip-hop became A-Rodge’s new artistic outlet. Utilizing his musical knowledge gained over the years, he picked up the technical flows and syllabic compositions of song writing with a refreshing approach. Hip-hop gives him a new opportunity to communicate with words as well as sounds, which he takes full advantage of. A-Rodge takes pride in staying true to himself in his lyrics by incorporating life stories/events, passion, and experiences residing in Washington and Utah. To complement his lyricism, A-Rodge taught himself to produce, record, mix, and master in order to obtain complete creative control over his content. A-Rodge’s music is the product of his optimistic outlook, unique approach to hip-hop, and genuine passion for music as an art.

A-Rodge Media