The Naked Waiters

The Naked Waiters

The Naked Waiters

“Melting Hearts for any Occasion”


The Naked Waiters is an acoustic, ukulele-based group that started in Cedar City, UT, and is now based in Provo, UT. They specialize in fun, melt-your-heart music that’s good for the soul. They are comprised of Kim Bjerga, Clark Holmes, and Andrew Nufer.

Though Kim, Andrew and Clark are originally from Norway, Oregon and North Carolina respectively, Kim and Andy have been friends for years, having known each other throughout high school and living together as roommates. They also were in another band in cedar city, Apollo’s Army, together previously. While living together, they met Clark at a crepe party at their apartment, where Clark picked up Kim’s ukulele and would jam out. Kim and Andy decided to learn a couple songs with Clark, then the three came together when a mutual friend, Ben, asked Kim and Andy to serve dinner to him and a date wearing nothing but speedos. The band was born when they decided to take it one step further. The duo stripped, wore only aprons and bowties, called Clark, had him do the same, and sang love songs to Ben and Jen.

Since then, the three have played at everything from farmers’ markets and festivals to weddings, private birthday parties, resorts, restaurants, various concerts and battle of the bands, one of which (the Provo Acoustic Battle of the Bands at Joes Grill) they placed first.

They are currently living in Provo, Utah, where they are performing everywhere they can and enjoying playing their music. They have written several songs and are now preparing and trying to raise funds for a quality recording. Their songs stray from cliché love, and are about quirky things like cats, balconies, and Pokémon.

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