Lost In Bourbon

Lost In Bourbon Biography

With a high energy performance, excellent song writing, and a great pair of pants, Lost in Bourbon delivers a high voltage show sure to get you out of your seat. Lost in Bourbon is definitely not a band you'll fall asleep on. Their goal is to bring that good ole, wholesome Rock back to Utah. The band was formed in late 2014 when Louisiana native Chris Melhado relocated to Utah. He was heard playing by roommate and drummer Matt Spencer and the two began jamming. Spencer already being an accomplished drummer (Ravings of a Madman) saw that Melhado's sound could go far. Thus the duo took to jamming. Early 2015 Taylor Syddall was added on bass and the band was complete. Lost in Bourbon currently has their self titled EP available for sale on iTunes, Amazon, and Spotify. The album is truly only a taste of what a Lost in Bourbon live show is, but it definitely is enough to get you hooked on these three gentlemen.

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